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Join the April 25, 2018 #ElderCareChat: Innovations in Senior Care

Each month, join #ElderCareChat, a real-time forum for sharing experiences and expertise in eldercare! Follow @OurParents and @ElderCareChat on Twitter to contribute to the conversation. The next #ElderCareChat will be held on Wednesday, April 25, 2018, from 1-2 pm ET with

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breaking down barriers in senior living

Breaking Down Barriers in Assisted Living

Assisted living communities like the Scandinavian Living Center provide tremendous opportunities to keep seniors connected with the world beyond the residence.

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skilled nursing model that feels like home

A Skilled Nursing Model That Seems Like Home

The GREEN HOUSE® Project is a unique and innovative model in the skilled nursing space

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Say hello to springtime in senior living

Say Hello to Springtime in Senior Living

Instead of being cooped up 24/7 inside a senior living community, your mom or dad is probably ready to head outdoors.

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Handling Caregiver Guilt After a Move to Senior Living

Handling Caregiver Guilt After a Move to Senior Living

Even though you knew it was time for your mom or dad to transition to senior living, that doesn’t make the new arrangement easier to bear.

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When senior living is desirable

When Senior Living Is Desirable (Not Mandatory)

Is senior living a place you hope to avoid, or a place where you’d love to go? Today, the tide is turning in favor of senior living as a desirable option for vibrant older adults.

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retirement savings rescue plan

A Retirement Savings Rescue Plan

If you haven’t saved enough for retirement, there’s no magic bullet that will stack your accounts with cash — but you can take these steps to take to improve your situation.

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what seniors need to know about tax season

What Seniors Need to Know This Tax Season

Those over 65 have various tax considerations that come into play with regard to Social Security income, age-related deductions and credits, IRA distributions, medical expense deductions, and more.

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When Your Parent's Time Is Becoming Short

When Your Parent’s Time Is Becoming Short

The guideline for recommending hospice is the expectation that the patient has six months or less to live. But the uncertainty of just how much time remains is stressful on the family.

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How digital caregiving helps elders stay connected

Digital Caregiving Helps Elders Stay Connected

With technology becoming more ubiquitous in the caregiving space, it is not surprising that there has been a rise in digital caregiving solutions over the last several years.

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